Place and situation of a novel

Once you’ve decided who and how the story will be told to the reader, you’ll need to know the where and when of the story. The setting of the scene requires more than just streets and buildings. It is practically everything that surrounds the characters. This includes things such as what the characters do, a job, the climate, the story of a city or of the place they are in, the folklore. It is very important to create an atmosphere for the novel.

Just like with characters, you must know the environment thoroughly before writing about it. In fact, if you think of the setting as another character, then you won’t be mistaken.

You must do some research, collect photograph and write short descriptions, (not only visual, but also sensations, smells, touch, etc…). Nowadays, Google Maps can take us any place and allow us to stroll any street in any location on the globe. If the novel takes place in the present, this might be an excellent tool.



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