From all the ideas, pick one

Well, we are reaching the point where the real work starts (that is to say, the point where you begin to plan your novel). However, before you may plan it, it is necessary to find a generating idea. You must do an effort to find the best idea that comes to you. After all, if you are planning to spend a significant part of your life writing this novel, the last thing you want to do is to start with a left foot.

Some people will tell you that coming up with a good idea is very hard. With all due respect, I disagree. In fact, I think every writer faces the opposite problem: not having enough time to convey each good idea into a novel.

There is an entire section dedicated to ideas that you might want to explore.

Intermezzo: Planning your novel

The ideas on how to write a novel will slightly vary from one person to another. That is why you should feel free to adapt this process of writing novels according to your personal needs.

Perhaps one of the biggest differences is this:

Some prefer to thoroughly plan their novel before the writing and proofreading stage. Other writers manage to progress with an almost non-existent plan, or even without planning. They come from the writing school of “Just sit and write”.

So which is the right path? There is no absolute answer, but it is valid to say that if a way of writing works for you, then that’s the right one.

But if you are unsure and you want advice, allow me to say that it is far better to plan a novel in the greatest detail before writing a first draft.

What does planning a novel entail?

Since planning a long work of fiction in detail could become a great big task (without mentioning that it could turn out to be quite confusing), the best way to deal with that is to divide it into small parts. There is a total of six parts:

Theme and Symbolism.

Main Premise.


Point of View.


Argument/main statement


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