How to write a novel

Writing a novel is fairly simple; you need to know how to begin, and then step by step, write the chapters till the end.

If only! Writing a novel is not an action (writing), but rather a process. For some, it may be quite confusing due to the steps necessary, that are summarized as follows:

  1. Create all the fictional characters and devise a sound argument/main statement.
  2. Write subplots that will seamlessly integrate the main plot.
  3. Build a credible atmosphere and decide to talk about interesting topics.

And that is all you need before you sit and write that novel.

However, it is not surprising that the question that every new writer asks is….

Where do I start?

Just like the construction of a building, in order to write a novel, you must have a very good idea of the overall story, so that you may develop a detailed plan and define the planning progress.

The plan gives you the general perspective of each component, of each item, and material that is needed in order to build the story, which will eventually be published under your name.

The planning progress is a guide that helps you to write daily, telling you where you are and where you should go. It will show your achievements and the path that remains.

You must take the time to study the plan before you begin to build your novel, so that you know how to organize the story. However, you mustn’t forget to check the plan during the work’s execution, especially when you find yourself stuck on a detail or wondering which component must be used next.

At the most basic level, writing a novel consists of only three steps…

Planning. Here is where you settle on what to transmit (in the form of a synopsis).

Writing. This is where the plan transforms into prose and dialogue.

Revision. Lastly, you polish the ideas and words till they shine.

Easy, right? Well, yes… except that this doesn’t really tell us anything on how to write a novel. So we divide these three steps into specific instructions on what to do in the beginning, middle, and end, which leaves us with 15 steps.



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